iCpanel is a leading provider of technical Hosting and Developing Websites and support and other ICT Solutions. iCpanel was established in 2013 in Jordan with its head office in the United Arab Emirates.

More information
Since 2013, iCpanel has undertaken to provide the best services to its valued ICT customers.
The first objective was not only to provide Hosting and Developing Websites and support , but the main objective was to help build the Arab Internet infrastructure, promote Arabic content and respect the mindset of customers and users.
We have taken several principles to achieve this goal, the most important of which is that they are not prepared for what they cannot meet, and that customer comfort and stability are our top priorities. Success is not the number of customers we offer

Future Vision
It is not just our goal to reach as many customers as possible, but to reach the highest possible level of service, and to help build a strong Arab Internet infrastructure that competes globally with the technologies used in construction, and the content provided to users.

Research & Development Team
iCpanel is working on the clock to search for everything new in the world of information technology to develop our services and think about what we offer to our customers and their users.

Why we
Because iCpanel for technical Hosting and Developing Websites and support in accordance with established principles that made it the best in providing advanced web services and these principles are summarized in:

  • Customer satisfaction is the foundation of the success of any company.
  • Customer comfort is the foundation of any business.
  • Team spirit is the foundation of any business success.
  • Do not promise what cannot be achieved.

The technical, technical and communication capabilities of the team

  • Long experience in the field of work made us know in advance what benefits the client and works at his convenience and does not benefit.
  • Support service helps you choose the best and most suitable for you.
  • Post-clock support service to help you with any problems you may encounter.
  • Continuous communication with customers to ensure access to the highest level of service provided.
  • Flexibility of the team in communicating and understanding with customers to reach the best possible solutions.
  • Renewed and unrivaled innovation in providing new services.
  • Full respect for customer privacy.
  • We work hard to fulfill our commitment to provide the best customer service.
  • Respect for professionalism and competitiveness in an open and free market.
  • The goal of technical support and development of sites is the comfort of the customer first and foremost